Brief Bios of Team Members: Janice, Mary and Bruce

Janice Lee currently works as a Rehabilitation Counselor for State of California Department of Rehabilitation.  She has been with the department over 12 years and currently carries a general caseload serving the greater Los Angeles area.  Janice is a bilingual Korean-speaking counselor and also serves the monolingual Korean-American population. Part of her job is to outreach to the disabled community and provide vocational rehabilitation services.  She is also a liaison to local high schools and several mental health agencies.   Janice is married with a 1 year old son and enjoys going to the beach with her family.

Mary Courville is a mother of two children, Jackson and Olivia, ages 5 and 8 and has been married for almost 18 years. She lives in Lafayette, LA and works for a private vocational rehabilitation company performing mostly job placement for clients who have experienced work related injuries, providing vocational information and assistance for clients and assisting in research for expert witness cases. Prior to working in the vocational rehabilitation field, she worked for several years as a job placement counselor for employment agencies in Texas. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Houston.

Bruce Tingwall works, since 2001, as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the California Department of Rehabilitation in the San Francisco District Office. His caseload is mental health, epilepsy and TBI. He is trilingual and works with monolingual Russian and Spanish-speaking populations. Bruce is 53 and single. He plays tenor sax and is a member of the YMCA triathlon club. 


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